Interior Design-Are you a clutter bug?

Interior Design- Feeling a bit cluttered as you look around your room? I hear all the time from friends that have visited the store Tuesday Morning or TJ Max just one too many times. Here’s an idea. Get a box, or bag and strategically pack up any clutter you can live without for 30 days. You may discover you like the new cleaner look, or that you simply cannot live without those items.

But wasn’t that a refreshing break? After all, seeing clutter is a state of mind.


4 Thoughts

  1. Love the suggestion! What about bookshelves or fireplace mantels – What constitutes overdecorating? What do you recommend for decorating? Also large wall space – do you recommend paint or picture or pictures?


  2. When it comes to bookcases and shelves, it can be a case similar to make-up. Under most circumstances, less is more. Empty space is not always a bad thing. In fact, if you want to place more emphasis on something, having it sitting alone can be the perfect statement. This is why art galleries usually space their art. Space gives the person a moment to take in what you are displaying. That said, small clusters of items in groups of three are always a nice touch as well.

    With regard to walls, a contrasting color on just the right wall can be just what the doctor ordered. Just make sure whatever art you place on top of the color compliments the art piece as opposed to drowning it out. Look at wall color as your canvas to your objects. 🙂


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