Pageantry- Should I enter a Pageant?

Should I enter a pageant? This is a very good question. Since 1854, the sport of pageantry has been gracing stages all over the world. Since then, it has blossomed into a multi-million dollar industry, with almost every corner of the globe participating. Why? That is a loaded question. Here is one perspective. During the war in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 1993, with bullets flying and all the other atrocities of war occurring, of all things, a beauty pageant ensued, in a basement. When asked why this happened, one person from the event answered very simply, “It reminds us of the beauty that’s in the world amidst all the ugliness”.

Pageantry allows us a chance to gain confidence in ourselves, explore the opportunities to enhance our inner beauty with our physical presence, to improve our public speaking aptitude, be acknowledged by our peers for our community and scholastic accomplishments and even polish up our extra curricular talents.

If you choose to partake in this system, it’s up to you to uphold the true meaning of beauty. Remember, beauty comes from within. The true judge of this is you.  And just a side note, you don’t need a stage to accomplish this. Anytime you want to feel like a Queen, just put on a crown of your making and prance around the house. You may notice that even the most mundane duties might weigh just a little lighter on your day or you’ll catch a glance of a smile on your face when you walk passed a mirror.

All of us are worthy, beautiful Queens in our own right. Hail to the Queen!


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