Interior Design-You want to put that where???

So, you’re moving in together and merging furniture. Oh does this work to benefit the both of you? Keep in mind that the items you are both attached to, define who you are. Do any of you watch Fraiser? You know that horrible reclining sofa chair his father owns, that sits in the middle of the room? Bottom line, it gives character to the space and that character I speak of is now defined by the both of you, as a couple. (This does not remove the suggested, ever so careful discussion on “does this item really make our current world a brighter place?”) Embrace each other’s décor and commit to only keeping the things that both of you can’t live without. Then be sure as you move forward, to make new furniture purchases together. As time rolls on, the look and feel of the room will change. And so will your priorities on what’s important.


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