Travel-Savvy Packing

Here’s a couple tips I’ve learned these last couple weeks while traveling in Belgium. Call your specific airline before you pack and find out what the maximum weight is for each bag. Then find out what each weight range costs. With US Airways, at 70lbs, you’re paying anywhere from $90.00 to $150. At 71 lbs. and over, you’re paying just $25.00 more.. so if you want to stay on the low end of the extra fee scale, keep it at around 68lbs. Remember, scales and weight will vary! If you’re an over packer like myself, go for it and pack that little luggage as if it were your travel mule. Might as well. Doesn’t matter if it’s 71lbs. or 99lbs. It costs the same.

Next, if your tired of donating part of your travel budget to luggage locks that have been broken by the TSA, then go to the hardware store and buy a $3.00 bag of plastic ties. I picked the neon colored ones. That way, you can seal your bag and if TSA feels the need to investigate your personal belongings, at least you’re not out another lock.  Put a handful of them in the side of your luggage and use them throughout your travels. I even lock my bag in the hotel room sometimes. Just ask the front desk for a pair of scissors to cut the tie. It’s a great way to manage your luggage safety.  Happy Travels!



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