Travel- Down and Dirty Basics

Don’t learn this the hard way. Pack a bag of medications for almost any ailment you may possibly experience, including some form of bug bite relief spray. I don’t care how many precious kilograms of weight you are using in your luggage. You never know when you are going to get a really bad bug bite, run into a bout of lovely food poisoning or just need an aspirin. Off the top of my head I can remember some personal vivid “ruroe” situations. Sometimes you can’t read the language on the packages and then you have no idea what to buy. Oh, the guy at the counter? He’s good for a smile and ringing up your item, but not a lick of English does he speak. Sometimes the hotels do not have what you need.. or there are no drug stores nearby for what ails you and then you are stuck until you are able to find one, or worse even get to one. Good luck trying to get the taxi guy to take you to a place that carries Neosporin. I broke my ear drums one trip and the only thing they could give me was a hot rock. But that story is for another blog. Oh and heads up ladies, not everyone sitting on the surface of the globe uses the same feminine products. If you are in the habit of using particulars, take them with you. And always, always have a small package of tissue and hand sanitizer in your handbag. I cannot tell you how many times recently I have walked into a facility and found no paper products of any kind, or a basin to wash up at before lunch. Excuse me..where do I file the complaint form???


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