Interior Design-“Where the *#!@ did I put it?”

Does your desk resemble a space after the effects of a 9.0 earthquake? Lesson learned here; don’t let your office file pile get out of hand. Take a stack each week and sort through it by down chunking the pile into whatever categories represent your world, say for instance by department or deadlines or piles like personal, business, taxes, kids, etc.. You have to start somewhere! It’s easier to tackle an overwhelming mess if you can focus on one category at a time.

Next, those reminder stickies that are everywhere? Buy a large wall calender  and put all of them on the dates they need to be accomplished by. Otherwise, they sit there in the “to-do” mode forever decorating your space like a bad wallpaper.

Most important is to do a little everyday. Give 15 minutes a day to cleaning up your world. Remember, a messy desk represents a messy mind.


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