Travel- You’re nothing but trash-

Or so I thought-

Depending on your own personal point of view on saving the environment and which country you are in, trash can be a topic of table discussion or an irrelevant discard left on the sidewalk.  There are options where ever you go- plastic, paper, glass, recycle, resale, garage sale…so much to think about one would wonder how much effort qualifies as “contributing to ecological preservation” and what is border line obsession with trash.

“One mans trash, is another mans treasure”.  In America, the average person creates 4.5 pounds of trash a day. So if a piece of designated trash rocks your world and you just have to have it for the reasons listed above, then more power to you. Go get it.

With regard to proper discard, from a global perspective, depositing your discards anywhere you deem so is a blatant effort to ignore the need to keep the world a tidy place and is just plain old irresponsible. We are civilized people, so put your trash in the bin please.

The sorting of trash? Well, depending on the resources available per country, this can play a number of ways. I always say, show your respect to your fellow country man and follow the local rules. When in Rome…

Specifically, if you are a guest in a home and the person wants to weed through their own trash with a pair of tweezers to confirm that all has been placed in its proper designated recycle bin, well,, this may be borderline overkill, but more power to them!! Whatever your calling is in life with saving the universe, remember, most of us are on board. It’s good to consciously think about our trash occasionally in blogs like this.  If we keep this mission close at hand, we can make a difference that will last for centuries.  


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