Healthy Living- Give your child an advantage during flu season

images-1In general, it’s challenging enough just being a parent. But being a parent to one or more sick children can not only be exasperating, it can be cause for alarm.  Especially when getting sick seems to be a reoccurring incident. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals. How is your child’s diet? Make sure they are getting a well balanced diet and are ingesting plenty of fruits and vegetables. Are they drinking plenty of water?  What are the stresses they are dealing with? Are you involved in their day to day agenda’s? Are you sitting down with them and not only listening, but hearing what their concerns are? How is their immune system handling all this? Are they on a child’s multi vitamin? Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic herb, helps stimulate the immune system and counteracts the effects of stress… If you can pronounce it.. even better. Mixed with milk and drank once a day, this will help build that immune system. Garlic and ginger roots have proven qualities of treating ailments like the common cold and sore throat. Make a tea by adding a little bit of ginger juice to soothe your throat. Garlic contains a rare mineral called germanite that boosts the  immune system. Vitamin C is essential for production of adrenal hormones and lymphocytes and directly combats bacteria and viruses. A dash of lemon juice in water mixed with a tablespoon of pure farm-produced honey taken daily can effectively keep common colds at bay. Taken in conjunction with flavonoids, Vitamin C is easily absorbed in the body.

Be sure and do your own homework on any natural remedy and also check with your local pediatrician or nutritionist for details on how they may better help your child with his or her needs. As a parent myself, we all know our children’s well being, is of the utmost concern to any loving parent figure. Last but certainly not least, lots of hugs, reassurance and kind words can be the most healing remedy of all. Be sure and show them plenty of TLC. 🙂 Stay Healthy!


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