Cooking- The honey bee reveals all


So, sorry to break the news to you peeps, but bee hives are not filled with assembly lines of worker bees unloading their cute little clutches filled with pollen and nectar into little pots boiling over with sugar and spice and everything nice, where it then turns into honey. Actually it’s more like this; the bees eat the nectar and pollen and then come back to the hive where the bees then use their “honey stomachs” to ingest and regurgitate the nectar a number of times as a group. Then the liquid is dropped into the beeswax comb, which are hexagonal cells made of wax produced by the bees, and repeat the process until the combs are full. To prepare for long-term storage, the bees fan their wings to evaporate and thicken the honey. This turns it into the honey consistency we know and love.  Bee puke,,, yum yum. On another note,make sure when buying honey, you go to a higher quality grocery store like Trader Joes, or Whole Foods. 85% of all “honey” you see at regular main stream grocery stores is not honey at all. To qualify as honey, it must contain pollen. These products contain zero pollen, therefore do not offer the full array of medicinal benefits in the form of antioxidants and other nutrients that authentic honey offers.


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