Healthy Living-Pre-buttered popcorn can make you very sick


Forget the time, money and possible disease from artificial butter that goes with pre-packaged popcorn. Microwave your own popcorn in a plain brown paper bag. It’s much healthier and cheaper.

Not interested in taking those few extra steps towards creating healthy popcorn? Well, listen to this; Wayne Watson’s love of popcorn almost turned deadly after he developed respiratory problems in 2007 known as “popcorn lung.”

Watson, a Denver native, says he ate about two bags of popcorn everyday for 10 years, and developed the rare disease possibly from inhaling the artificial butter smell of the microwave popcorn. On Wednesday, Watson won a $7.2 million verdict against Gilster-Mary Lee Corp., The Kroger Co. and Dillon Companies Inc., for his illness. So, go ahead and save you and your loved ones from a “bad popcorn experience”.


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