Life Advice-Where did Valentines come from?


The ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, held Feb. 13-15, was an annual three-day ritual believed to ward off evil spirits and increase fertility. Lupercalia was also known as Februatio, which is where we get the name for our month of February. The Catholic Pope Gelasius officially banned the festival and changed it to a newly established holiday added by him to the official church list of feast days in A.D. 496—St. Valentine’s Day. According to the adopted legend, Valentine was a priest who defied the orders of the Roman emperor Claudius and continued to perform marriages. It seems that Claudius realized no young men wanted to join his army because they didn’t want to leave their wives and sweethearts. When it was discovered that Valentine was still performing marriages in secret, he was sentenced to death. His last note to a jailer’s daughter was signed “from your Valentine”.


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