Natural Remedies- Toss the Prozac and get happy

people smiling

If you’re feeling sad and blue, you don’t need to reach into your medicine cabinet for relief. There are natural ways to help with depression.

Take a look at Turmeric-The more I read about this wonder herb, the more I like it. Now apparently in addition to aiding in reduced risk of heart disease, reduced inflammation, and aiding in the regulation of diabetes, in recent studies, it appears to do a better job of putting a smile on your face than Prozac. 

Cocoa- Native to South America, cacao has been nicknamed the “Food of the Gods” and is known for its mood-boosting properties. It is able to trigger the production of dopamine and serotonin in the brain—important chemicals in mood regulation. In addition to boosting mood, cacao can also increase cognitive function or reduce the symptom known as “brain fog”. The best place to find this natural chocolate is at a natural health store or gourmet market. Just don’t start with 90% cocoa. A heads takes some getting used to.. Go for the 75% cocoa and work your way up from there. 

Vitamin D- We all know we must soak up the sun to get our dose of vitamin D. Yes, it does help the mood to become a bit brighter, but  we are so deficient in so many vitamins and minerals that one might consider a supplement. I am no doctor, but I personally take 10,000 IU of the golden oil a day and have for years.. I don’t have depression. Give it a try. That’s two pills a day.

Then there is Maca. What is that? Good question. It is the ancient peruvian superfood of the Andes. Been around for thousands of years. You can find this at a natural health store or gourmet market. Mix it with deserts, smoothies, yogurt, granola or any other snack food. 

Get outside and take a walk, meditate or just do some deep breathing exercises. Watch old time funny movies. Laughter is golden! Try to think good thoughts and remember things that make you smile. Cheer up love. Tomorrow is a better and brighter day if you choose it to be!

Happy Living!



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