Natural Remedies-Cough be gone!

teaGot a cough? Mix coffee with honey. Not a coffee drinker? Use milk with honey.  (use this with dry cough only- dairy enhances mucus) Lactose intolerant? Use boiled crushed ginger with honey. Ginger is too spicy? Use Apple cider vinegar with hot water. Don’t like vinegar? Try aloe juice with honey. Not an aloe fan? Try licorice. Add an ounce of sliced licorice sticks to a quart of boiling water, letting it steep for 24 hours. Add honey, and drink up. Prefer a “kick” to your medicine? Make a hot tea, add lemon juice, honey and dark rum. That’s the ticket. Lastly, the old remedy, Mullein tea is always good as an expectorant to draw out trapped mucous.

On a side note, fresh grapes allow you to get rid of sticky phlegm.

Which ever you choose, make it a natural choice!

Happy Living~


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