WELCOME TO PLANETSHAE~OUR SPECIAL SPACE, WHERE I CAN SHARE MY TIPS, TRICKS AND IDEAS WITH YOU! We’ll cover topics such as Natural Remedies, Healthy Living, Cooking, Interior Design, Travel, Pet Love, Household Tips, Life Advice, Cancer, Pageantry, Parenting and things in life that make you go RuhRoe! As a TV producer, host, editor and writer for hundreds of programs and news reports aired on various networks and local community stations, I have covered most soft news topics, sports and community events in detail.
I have traveled and lived abroad in several countries, offering me a front seat to knowledge about a world without borders.
My hobbies and interests abound, so you will see tips, tricks and ideas in many categories. I can say I have taken a special interest in natural remedies and cancer, so you will see particular interest in the medicinal/holistic arena.
As an Interior Designer, I was fortunate enough to have earned enough awards to know I have a natural eye for the art.
I am obsessed with good food and delve into the culinary arts almost daily in more ways than one.
I also believe there are enough websites to flood us with all the doom and gloom anyone could possibly digest in an entire lifetime, but if there is something I see that I think requires one to take pause, I’ll add that in too.
In a nutshell, the world is one big beautiful place to be part of. Together, let’s make our lives happy, healthy and interesting!
I look forward to a long friendship with you- Make it a great day~



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